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The ramblings of the anvil avenger….

We live in a society bolstered by innuendo and people saying random shit along with the words “I have seen the evidence”.

Here are 3 examples:

I put some toast in the toaster and made toast. I have seen the evidence.

Guns don’t kill people – people do. I have seen it

There was widespread voter fraud in the recent US elections – I have see the evidence.

OK, so first you actually put bread in the toaster to get toast…unless your drunk then you decide to put bread with butter and cheese on it into the toaster…

Technically people do kill people but guns are designed for one reason only…and it tends to be most people’s choice of technique to kill others.

The last is about the US elections. Obviously!!! The one man who coined the phrase “I have seen the evidence” is old Donnie himself. Officials who were in charge denied any fraud and let’s face it, the US elections are very secure…but because of one selfish, sore loser of a man, a revolution nearly started.

It demonstrates how dysfunctional society is and how many people hang on the words of others without using logical deduction to determine truth or not. Governments are not helping either. In a COVID society, either denial of problems or over-reaction is commonplace. It leads to people being misinformed and lacking faith in science and nature.

What governments fail to recognise is the masses hold the key to real change. We are fighting covid, climate change, technology disruption and many other things. Social injustice is prevalent. Recently I saw a person complain to a security guard at a building there was no ramp for wheelchairs. She then went on to say she was a Social Justice advocate. I took this opportunity to ask her some questions. 1st why was she demanding a ramp for an entrance at ground level with no steps? 2nd I asked how will she advocate for the ramp (if it had a legitimate need to be there) to be installed? Her answers were that she thinks all entrances need ramps and second, she said she has told the guard so now its up to him. I said that she was a social justice fraud and just liked to complain. She yelled at me and said this is what she does. She points out things that need to be done and that’s all. I said a true advocate for Social Justice would be making sure the ramp or whatever was required gets installed. Simply telling someone it is required is not advocating. If she was a true advocate, she would make things happen.

She reminded me of those people who say they have seen the evidence but then do nothing but make noise.

By nature, we lack courage to band together for the real causes. To help this planet heal, to relieve the suffering of unfortunate people. We lack the courage because of popular opinion which makes those who want to achieve real change anti-establishment.

We still drill/mine/rape the earth for fossil fuels, we have killed off so many species either for fun or for food, we have polluted this world so much, Mother Nature is finally starting to kick back. Behind the greed of humans is money. If someone has no money, we assume they are not worthy of recognition.

Religion has a big part to play in how we are destroying society and the earth. OK, I was raised Catholic but I was also taught to challenge and to think logically by Jesuit priests…coincidentally the Catholic Church now has a Jesuit pope. Cool. But I’m not a practising Catholic. I have faith in science. I believe in evolution over creationism. I also do not believe man was created in God’s image otherwise we would all look the same. Most religions are the same. For me religions are the opiate of the masses. There is good moral teachings from religion. That’s all I see from religion now. I respect others and their views and practices with religion so please understand this is my opinion only.

So lets end this misinformation and find a way to bring the masses together to effect real change…otherwise we leave future generations in the poo.

Now time to drone someone…

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